Helping You Stay Toasty

Stock up on firewood any time of the year

Do you love curling up by the fire or roasting marshmallows with friends? The sounds of crackling and mesmerizing flames are always a great way to spend the evening. If you need a new stack of firewood for your fireplace, inside or out, Cabana's Landscaping has you covered. We sell firewood year-round, and we'll make sure you have plenty of fuel at your disposal.

Contact us now if you'd like to order firewood.

Time to stock up for winter?

When you want to buy firewood, you'll want to order from our team. We give our customers plenty of convenient options:

  • Carry cherry, oak and maple wood
  • Offer stacking services for optimal storage
  • We sell our premium, seasoned firewood by the cord or half cord
We even offer free delivery services within our service area. To see if you qualify for free delivery services, speak to one of our team members today.